Freecom Mobile XXS 1TB HDD - USB 3.0

SKU: 56007

Compact Storage On The Go - Now Including Ultra Fast USB 3.0 Speed!

The Mobile Drive XXS 3.0 is ultra compact and extremely easy to use - this USB powered portable hard drive makes transporting and sharing data easier than ever. Simply plug in the Mobile Drive, with its conveniently small USB cable, into any computer’s USB port and take your spreadsheets, documents, movies, photos or music anywhere you go.



  • Compact size, fits easily into your pocket
  • Designed with unique form-fitting injection moulded rubber for optimal grip
  • USB 3.0 for ultra fast data transfer speed. Can also be connected to USB 2.0 ports
  • Includes compact sized USB cable
  • Power via USB port
  • No cooling fan, ensures quiet operation
  • Software included: Nero BackitUp, Green Button Energy Saver, Hard Drive Eraser (for data protection) and Formatter (for easy formatting in FAT 32 / NTFS and HFS+)
  • The perfect storage extension for your notebook or desktop computer
  • Perfectly suited for making easy "drag & drop“ backups of your important files
  • High quality and sleek design, only 12 x 8 x 1.6 cm
  • Weighs not much more than a mobile phone
  • Two years manufacturer’s warranty and unlimited free helpdesk support



  • 500GB (56005)
  • 1TB (56007)
  • 2TB (56334)


Package includes:

  • Freecom Mobile Drive XXS 3.0 (FAT-32 pre-formatted}
  • Compact USB connection cable
  • Quick Install Guide
  • Free unlimited help desk support
  • Two years manufacturer’s warranty

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