Don’t be an April Fool – Back Up! World Back Up Day 2021

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Verbatim World Backup Day 2021

World Backup Day Guide

So, what is backup?

Creating a backup refers to making a ‘copy’ of the data (e.g. images, videos, important documents) or ideally two copies, and keeping both copies in case something happens to the original. Transferring your holiday or wedding pictures from your camera to your memory card or hard drive to free up space in your camera is not backing up – the idea of a back­up is to have spare copies saved on other storage devices in case something happens to the master files.

Why is backup so important?

People now create and generate zettabytes of data per year. That’s a lot of data that we need to protect! Unfortunately, nearly 30% of people have never even backed up their data. Backing up your data will protect your life's work when that hard drive fails. Or memories from your holidays, wedding or family pictures – all lost in a matter of seconds. If you are a small business, a data backup can be what saves your company.

Why does data loss happen?

Losing your precious files is way more common than you’d think. Here are some ways data loss happens (which of course doesn’t always mean hard drive failure!)

  • 30% of people have never backed up
  • 113 phones lost or stolen every minute
  • 29% of disasters are caused by accident
  • 1 in 10 computers infected with viruses each month

The key is to select the right type of storage for the right job.

Everyday we create important documents, take pictures, videos, music and much more – some of these you may need for a business presentation next day, or they can be memories that you have created with your family and friends which you want to keep forever.

The key when backing up your files is to select the right type of storage for the right job. Verbatim have put together for you how you can backup your data in the most effective and efficient way.

Download ‘Your Guide to Backing Up’ below and make sure you are ready to backup your important files correctly on the 31st of March on World Backup Day!

World Backup Day Guide

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