EDP TriOptic LTO tape labels

PMD Data Solutions offers EDP TriOptic LTO tape labels for LTO9, LTO8, LTO7, LTO6, LTO5, LTO4 Ultrium tapes. We can apply LTO tape labels for your convenience. Labels applied in clean room conditions. Some of the LTO tape labels are listed below:

LTO9 horizontal label (part code 1700-009)
LTO9 vertical label (part code 1700-0V9)
LTO8 horizontal label (part code 1700-008)
LTO8 vertical label (part code 1700-0V8)
LTO7 horizontal label (part code 1700-007)
LTO7 vertical label (part code 1700-0V7)
LTO6 horizontal (part code 1700-006)
LTO6 vertical label (part code 1700-0V6)
LTO5 horizontal label (part code 1700-005)
LTO5 vertical label (part code 1700-0V5)
LTO4 horizontal label (part code 1700-004)
LTO4 vertical label (part code 1700-0V4)

TriOptic EDP labels are the leading industry label - offering the widest possible compatibility with any HP, IBM, Quantum or other major library. Genuine EDP labels are laminated - offering superior durability and longevity against cheaper, less-reliable alternatives. If you use the best LTO Ultrium tape media, it is the right decision to use the best labels.

Contact our data specialists - sales@pmddatasolutions.co.uk - if you require more information on label compatibility or a specific quotation.