Data Media Destruction - Performed by PMD Data Solutions and Certified by ICO

As part of our “Cradle to Grave” data management initiative, PMD Data Solutions are equipped to handle all your data media destruction needs.

Data Media Destruction

Our onsite industrial shredder can destroy your end-of-life hard drives, discs and other IT equipment. Obliterating any data which does or ever did exist on the media. Sleep easy!

We are a certified data shredding company and can provide you with an official certificate of destruction, essential to comply with data legislation where sensitive data is being handled.

Disc and Tape Destruction

PMD Data Solutions offers the flexibility of allowing you to deliver in your media for shredding. Or we can collect from you by appointment using one of our dedicated vehicles and return your certificate once shredding is completed.

This essential service allows your business to confidently comply with legislation whilst also helping the environment by recycling old media and packaging where possible.

Hard Drive Destruction

PMD Data Solutions secure shredding service can handle of a number of different needs and products, including:

  • Internal hard drives
  • External Hard Drives
  • Solid state drives
  • Disc media (CD, DVD, BluRay)
  • Tape Media (LTO, DLT, DDS, DAT)
  • IT Equipment, Mobile Phones and Film Stock

      To compliment our media destruction service we also offer a range of data degaussers. Click here to find out more.

      Email to discuss your specific requirements in greater detail.