Environmental / Sustainability Policy

PMD Data Solutions recognises that environmental protection is a pressing issue in the world today.

As a forward looking company we have laid down the following guidelines to which we adhere.

  1. PMD will arrange management systems which comply with or exceed legislation concerning environmental regulations.

  2. PMD will audit its procedures to ensure proper practice.

  3. PMD will ensure proper practices are in place in the form of staff training for compliance with regulations.

  4. PMD will strengthen risk assessment of any chemical substances or substances deemed to have impact on the environment.

  5. PMD carry out a regular review of the supply of raw materials to ensure best practice with regard environmental issues.

  6. PMD will keep on file the environmental policies of its suppliers of raw materials and manufactured products. Annual audits will be carried out annually.

  7.  PMD will promote “green purchasing” of raw materials where possible.

  8. PMD will promote green issues as a positive benefit to PMD and its customers and suppliers.

  9.  PMD will not knowingly carry out procedures which have an adverse effect on the environment.