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Fujifilm is more than just a manufacturer and supplier of LTO Tape!

Fujifilm is the world’s largest manufacturer of data storage tapes, and an innovative organisation at the forefront of developing new technologies to support the digital data storage environment. This encompasses products, services and technical support.

The Tech Hub is Fujifilm’s state of the art technical centre based in their European Headquarters. It provides support and technical services for users of digital tape media and has been designed to support channel partners and end users with a designated technical team.

This technical service is complimentary for Fujifilm branded LTO tape media customers

If you have any problems with your tape media, FujifilmTech Hub services can help to quickly identify the issue. This gives peace of mind by saving valuable time and expense. A few examples of issues that Fujifilm have addressed include:

  • Permanent reading errors
  • Not reaching the full capacity of the tape
  • Tape locks inside the drive
  • Broken Data Cartridge Shell
  • Leader pin detachment from the tape
  • Inability to read or write on the tape
  • High number of writing errors

Why choose Fujifilm?

• Fujifilm have a dedicated technical team designated to support our customers across all of EMEA
• Technical expertise in the digital archiving environment
• The only manufacturer to have its own brand of LTO tape media
• World’s no.1 Data Tape Manufacturer
• Constant LTO stock availability via PMD Data Solutions Online Shop

For more information, please contact: sales@pmddatasolutions.co.uk

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