Hybrid Working – keeping things safe and secure

Posted by Wayne Clark on

Hybrid working is now many people's normality, with many employers encouraging a healthy mix of in-office and remote working. Some people thrive in an office setting but find it difficult working from home, so a mixed environment can provide the best of both worlds. With remote work possible from a home office and ‘on the go’ while commuting, it has been proven to increase productivity, reduce costs and help personal wellbeing.

But it comes with some concerns. Perhaps the largest issue is keeping your data secure - remote workers are more likely to have things stolen or lost in transit.

One way to reduce this danger is by using Verbatim encrypted storage. Saving your sensitive files on hard drives, SSDs or USBs that have AES 256-bit hardware encryption ensures that if they are lost or stolen, the data cannot be accessed. Although frustrating to lose the drive, it gives everyone peace of mind that the files are safe from prying eyes!

Verbatim Hybrid Working Flyer

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