In 40 seconds another business will be a target...

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In the next 40 seconds another business will be a target for a ransomware attack...

Ransomware is the first type of malware that actually generates revenue for the attacker. Companies hit by a ransomware attack are forced to pay a ransom, anywhere from hundreds to thousands of pounds, to unlock files that have been maliciously encrypted. Basically, it’s pay up, or face chaos. Or don’t pay up, and face chaos anyway. Once your files are infected, you could spend days, weeks, even months restoring business as usual.

Ransomware is a massive, insidious risk for all businesses.

Attacks spiked in 2019, hitting large companies and government agencies, crippling public services and causing major disruptions. Countless other assaults are damaging smaller businesses to the point where recovery is almost impossible.

Anyone can launch a ransomware attack.

You could get your own ransomware kit off the shelf for as little as £20. And there are plenty of soft targets, especially among small and medium-sized businesses. Since GDPR came into force in 2018, most businesses take steps to protect their data and ensure legal compliance with GDPR legislation.

But against a determined malware attacker, is that enough to prevent an incursion?

How can you protect your business? ...LTO tape could be the answer.

HPE has long been an advocate for using tape for large scale data storage and retention, particularly for the long-term. HPE StoreEver tape storage with LTO-8 technology provides a portfolio of data protection solutions that significantly reduce costs, are easy to manage and deploy, and can also store data for up to 30 years.

Data that is directly accessible across a network or via the web is vulnerable to cyberattack. Even backups stored on connected arrays or NAS devices are at risk.

Keeping a copy of your data offline on tape, creates an air gap – a physical space that separates the online and offline space. As far as anyone knows, ransomware hasn’t yet learned how to jump!

LTO tape provides an airgap that protects your data!

Tape provides the ultimate backstop in your 3-2-1-1 backup plan – that’s three copies of your data, two backups on different media, at least one copy stored off-site and (crucially for building defenses against ransomware) one offline.

LTO tape is the most cost-effective long-term solution for storage of cold data. But more pertinently, it’s the only one that truly isolates more strategically important production data from a ransomware attack. 

To find out more about how to protect your business, contact in the next 40 seconds and obtain peace of mind.


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