LTO7 Data Tape is easily accessed with LTFS software

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We have detailed in our previous news article, innovations in tape media storage. A key breakthrough in this technological field is HP StoreOpen software and LTFS (Linear Tape File System), and the introduction of Fuji LTO7 tapes and other high technology brands.

This incredible software now makes LTO tape media file-based and self-describing, meaning a data tape can now be accessed and managed as easily as a hard disk or flash memory drive. The result of this is a high capacity, robust data management system which is easy to access and control. Long term back-up and archive data becomes easy to access and use. This is a huge benefit, as the capacity of LTO7 tapes is fully utilised.

Key benefits include:

  • Files are managed and controlled easily in a Windows style folder structure.
  • Tapes which use the LTFS software can be shared across different systems and platforms.
  • As LTFS is an open format it reduces software dependency and increases recoverability.

With the current roadmap for LTO tape now extended to include LTO10, the ability to access and manage this large capacity media will have far reaching effects on a number of industries where large data files are generated. Notable applications of this exciting innovation will include Media and Entertainment industries, Government, healthcare, oil and gas, CCTV video surveillance financial and banking sectors. Scientific research facilities will also find the deployment of LTFS and LTO7 systems highly efficient and cost-saving.

PMD Magnetics and its partners, armed with these cutting-edge technologies, are perfectly placed to offer the complete data management package; ensuring your data is preserved and easily accessed – both now and in the future.

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