PMD Provides Unitrends Cloud Services to UK Public Sector Through G-Cloud 12 Framework

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After a thorough submission and rigorous review process, PMD Magnetics, one of the UK’s premiere specialist resellers of data management solutions, is now able to provide Unitrends Cloud Services through the G-Cloud 12 Framework, a digital marketplace of cloud services suppliers curated for the UK public sector. The G-Cloud 12 Framework provides a streamlined way for government organisations to purchase cloud-based services, such as application hosting, software and support, through an accredited portal. Businesses accepted into the G-Cloud 12 Framework must meet stringent government security standards and abide by terms and conditions that ease the procurement process.

As part of PMD’s G-Cloud 12 Framework offerings, it will provide Unitrends Cloud Services including DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service), cloud protection for Office 365, G-Suite and Salesforce plus other support services.  Through the G-Cloud 12 listing, UK public sector organisations have access to top-tier, enterprise-grade cloud technologies that were previously more complicated to obtain due to existing procurement processes.

“We have been honoured to supply the UK public sector with backup and data retention solutions over the past 40 years,” said Matthew Gwynn, Director of Backup & Recovery Products at PMD. “Through the G-Cloud 12 Framework and our partnership with Unitrends, we are able to provide organisations with the innovative cloud technologies needed for their modern IT environments.” 

“As the remote work world continues to evolve and cybersecurity threats become more prevalent, public sector organisations need to strengthen their cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions to keep up,” said Ronan Kirby, President and General Manager, EMEA at Kaseya. “By partnering with PMD to provide Unitrends technologies through the G-Cloud 12 Framework, we can ensure that UK government offices have the ability to retain critical information and keep services online in case of a disaster.”

To find out more about the Unitrends products available from PMD Magnetics via the G Cloud 12 Framework, please visit

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