With LTO-9, HPE StoreEver goes from strength to strength!

Posted by Matthew Gwynn on

Tape technology continues to be a key part of modern storage topologies, from hyperscale cloud providers down to midsize corporates and SMB customers.

It's ability to continuously innovate, while providing compelling TCO advantages and a unique barrier against cybersecurity threats, make it more essential today than it has ever been.

With data growth rates of 30-40% per annum your data lakes will soon become data oceans. So to protect and navigate your data in future, you’ll need to think big!

New HPE LTO-9 Ultrium 45 TB data cartridges deliver huge, offline capacity for managing your data, with true air gapped security against cyber threats, and ultra low long term cost of ownership. When part of an active archive strategy, LTO-9 technology lets you explore deep archives no matter where your data is stored and without hidden retrieval costs.

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