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Barracuda Backup combines storage, software, and inline deduplication, to ensure your data is protected against loss no matter what happens. It’s easy to deploy, usually in less than an hour.

There are no per-application or per-agent licensing fees, and its single-pane-of-glass admin console makes management fast and easy.

Available as a hardware or virtual appliance, Barracuda Backup delivers near-continuous data protection and replication to an o­-site appliance or to the cloud.

Key Features

Defend against ransomware, disasters, and malicious destruction
Barracuda Backup lets you quickly recover files encrypted by ransomware. Simply eliminate the malware, delete the bad files, and restore them from a recent backup.  Recovery can take as little as an hour—and the bad guys go home empty-handed. 

Barracuda Backup’s hardened Linux OS is less vulnerable to threats than Windows-based backup solutions.  Data is protected in transit and at rest in the remote location by 256-bit AES encryption.

Rapid recovery from data loss
Barracuda Backup provides multiple recovery options to help you get back up and running quickly. With a Barracuda Cloud or Amazon Web Services (AWS) subscription, you can recover data from anywhere at any time, without the need for a local appliance.

Barracuda LiveBoot provides fast and easy recovery for on-premises VMware environments in cases where primary storage is lost or no longer available, while Cloud LiveBoot provides fast recovery for both VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines.

Flexible deployment and recovery
Barracuda Backup is available as a hardware or virtual appliance. Models range in capacity from 1 terabyte to 112 terabytes, to accommodate your specific backup needs. Barracuda Backup also has a wide range of offsite replication options for disaster recovery (Barracuda Cloud, hardware or virtual appliance, AWS).

Technical Specs


  • Full local backup and restore
  • Inline, block-level, source- and target-based deduplication
  • Built-in WAN acceleration
  • Cloud or site-to-site replication
  • Real-time inline replication to offsite storage
  • Export to Amazon Web Services (AWS), external disk, tape, autoloaders, or robotic libraries
  • Near-continuous data protection
  • VMware Changed Block Tracking (CBT)
  • Encrypted client and server communication for additional security
  • In case of disaster, Instant Replacement can deliver a new unit preloaded with data and configuration backed up to Barracuda Cloud Storage

Offsite Vaulting

  • Vault historical revisions offsite to the Cloud
  • Storage or a remote location
  • Extend offsite-only retention up to 12 monthly and
  • 7 yearly revisions

Long-term Retention

  • Supports archiving to virtual tapes stored in AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) and Glacier using the AWS Storage Gateway-VTL


  • Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) restores
  • Bare metal restore for Windows
  • With a cloud subscription, download or recover data from anywhere at any time without the need for a local appliance
  • Rapid VM recovery with LiveBoot for VMware, and Cloud LiveBoot for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments
  • Granular file recovery for VMware and Hyper-V
  • File revision history
  • Granular Microsoft Exchange message-level recovery
  • Customers replicating to AWS have the option to restore backed-up virtualized systems directly to their own AWS environment EC2 compute environment for recovery


  • 256-bit AES encryption of data in transit and at rest to remote locations
  • Barracuda’s replication technology gives you the flexibility to securely and efficiently send data to the Barracuda Cloud, a remote physical backup appliance, a remote virtual backup appliance, or AWS for offsite replication.
  • Because Barracuda manages and optimizes our infrastructure in AWS, setup and configuration of AWS replication is simple—no advanced understanding of AWS required.

Barracuda Backup Physical Appliance Capacities

  • Barracuda Backup Desktop 190 Appliance  - 1TB
  • Barracuda Backup Desktop 295 Appliance  - 2TB 
  • Barracuda Backup 1U Micro 290 Appliance  - 2TB 
  • Barracuda Backup 1U Mini 390 Appliance  - 4TB 
  • Barracuda Backup 1U 490 Appliance  - 8TB 
  • Barracuda Backup 1U 690 Appliance  - 12TB 
  • Barracuda Backup 2U 790 Appliance  - 18TB 
  • Barracuda Backup 2U 890 Appliance  - 24TB 
  • Barracuda Backup 3U 895 Appliance  - 36TB 
  • Barracuda Backup 3U 991 Appliance  - 48TB 
  • Barracuda Backup 3U 995 Appliance  - 80TB 
  • Barracuda Backup 4U 1091 Appliance - 128TB
  • Barracuda Backup 4U 1191 Appliance - 168TBBarracuda

Barracuda Backup Data Sheet

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