FUJIFILM LTO Ultrium 9 Data Tape

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FUJIFILM LTO Ultrium 9 caters to the surging data storage demand amidst the rapid development of IoT technology and acceleration of Digital Transformation, and contributes to mitigating CO2 emissions.


  • Fujifilm LTO 9 Storage Capacity: Up to 18TB per tape (45TB at maximum compression)
  • LTO 9 allows for high speed data transfer at 1000MB/sec. (400MB/sec. for non-compressed data)
  • Supplied in individual polycase

Large Capacity

BaFe magnetic particles measuring only about 20nm,allowing a large number of particles to be laid on the same surface. This significantly increases an areal recording density, thereby dramatically boosting the tape's storage capacity. 

    Long-Term Storage

    While the primary cause of magnetic degradation is oxidation, as BaFe magnetic particle is already a ferric oxide, it does not suffer oxidation.  This is why BaFe tape offers superior achievability.  The accelerated test has shown that the tape offers stable data storage for more than 50 years. 

    Low Cost CO2 Emissions

    Compared to hard disk storage (HDD), LTO tape storage has superior cost performance and achieves CO2 emissions reduction as it provides lower cost per TB and requires almost no electricity in storing data.


    Tape can physically isolate data from the network to create an air gap, minimising the risk of data loss due to cyberattacks, securing your important data.

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