IBM LTO 9 Ultrium External SAS Tape Drive



IBM LTO 9 tape drive provides even higher capacity than the previous generation. For midsized and enterprise businesses requiring backup and low-cost archival storage of data, IBM LTO 9 tape drive is an excellent tape-storage solution, providing a physical storage capacity of up to 45 TB per cartridge (with 2.5:1 compression).

The drive boasts an uncompressed data transfer rate of up to 400 MBps with 12 Gbps SAS and 8 Gb FC interface connectivity. For flexible network integration, this compact external drive offers both two SAS ports and one Ethernet port, and can be rack mounted or used in stand-alone configuration. The dual SAS ports allow daisy-chaining a second SAS device.


  • Store up to 1EB per 18- frame library with 2.5:1 compression.
  • Store up to 39PB compressed in 10-sq-ft library with LTO 9 tape drives.
  • Achieve 45TB compressed capacity per cartridge, 50% better than LTO 8.
  • Support for new and field merge LTO 9 drives into 3584 models L55 and D55.
  • Execute faster restores with 400MB/s transfer rate, 11% better than LTO 8.
  • Retrieve data 73% faster with Open Recommended Access Order (oRAO).
  • Enable intuitive and graphical access to data with IBM Spectrum Archive.
  • Get better protection with Physical Air Gap adding a barrier to hackers.
  • Avoid data corruption with Data immutability with WORM capabilities.
  • Prevent data visibility with AES-256-bit data encryption at rest.

      IBM LTO 9 Ultrium External SAS Tape Drive Data Sheet

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