iStorage cloudAshur Encryption Module USB 3.0



The iStorage cloudAshur Hardware Security Module is a PIN authenticated, hardware encrypted USB device that encrypts all data in transit and at rest with a FIPS certified randomly generated AES 256-bit encrypted encryption key which is stored within a dedicated iStorage secure microprocessor (CC 4+ Ready).

cloudAshur offers ultimate protection of your data, whether it's stored in the cloud, on your PC/MAC or transferred as an email attachment or file sharing software. cloudAshur eliminates data security vulnerabilities associated with cloud platforms, such as lack of control and unauthorised access to your confidential data.

ENCRYPT to ensure the ultimate protection of your data. SHARE your encrypted data securely with authorised users using our Keywriter application (sold separately). MANAGE your cloudAshur devices centrally using their Remote Management Console (sold separately).

cloudAshur uniquely offers 5 factors of authentication:

1. The cloudAshur hardware security module
2) 7-15 digit Admin/User Configurable PIN
3) Username and password for the iStorage cloudAshur Windows or macOS client app
4) Where the data is stored, which cloud provider
5) Username and password for the cloud account

Additional features of the cloudAshur Hardware Security Module include:

  • 100% real-time military grade AES-XTS or ECB 256-bit hardware encryption (2 encryption modes)
  • FIPS PUB 197 certified USB 3.0 encryption controller
  • Brute force hack defence mechanism
  • Uniquely incorporates Common Criteria EAL4+ ready secure microprocessor
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant tamper proof and tamper evident design
  • User PIN enrolment
  • One-time User recovery PIN
  • Inactivity auto-lock and many more!

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