iStorage datAshur Pro2 Encrypted USB 3.2 Flash Drive (4GB-512GB)

SKU: IS-FL-DP2-256-4

datAshur Pro2 Overview

The datAshur Pro2 is an easy to use and ultra-secure, PIN authenticated, hardware encrypted USB flash drive.

The datAshur Pro2 USB 3.2 (SuperSpeed Gen 1) flash drive advanced security features delivers ultimate data security and guarantees the utmost protection for your data at all times.

The device can only be accessible by your unique 7-15 digit PIN, which is entered via the on-board alphanumeric keypad, giving yourself the peace of mind that whether your drive is misplaced or stolen, your data cannot be accessed by prying eyes.

All data transferred to the datAshur Pro2 is encrypted in real-time with built in military grade AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption. Use it straight out of the box, the datAshur Pro2 does not require any software or drivers to be installed and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Android, Thin Clients and Embedded Systems.

The datAshur Pro2 delivers drag and drop encryption, plug and play simplicity and can be used with any software. In plain and simple terms, without the PIN, there's no way in!

Key Features

  • PIN authenticated, hardware encrypted USB flash drive - perfect solution for storing your confidential/personal data
  • OS & Platform Independent - the datAshur Pro2 will work on any device with a USB port. No software required.
  • Brute Force attack - keeping your data safe from prying eyes if your drive is lost or stolen.
  • The datAshur Pro2 uniquely incorporates Common Criteria EAL4+ ready secure microprocessor.
  • All data transferred to the drive is encrypted in real time using military grade AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption.


  • 4GB      (IS-FL-DP2-256-4)
  • 8GB      (IS-FL-DP2-256-8)
  • 16GB    (IS-FL-DP2-256-16)
  • 32GB    (IS-FL-DP2-256-32)
  • 64GB    (IS-FL-DP2-256-64)
  • 128GB  (IS-FL-DP2-256-128)
  • 256GB  (IS-FL-DP2-256-256)
  • 512GB  (IS-FL-DP2-256-512)iStorage

iStorage datAshur Pro2 Data Sheet

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