Verbatim CD-R 80 Inkjet Printable - Standard Case (10 Pack)

SKU: 43325

Long Lifetime
Optical discs provide the best solution for long-term safe and secure storage of your important files - ideal for all your precious photos, videos and documents that you want to keep forever. They are dust and water resistant and can withstand wide changes in temperature and humidity.

AZO Technology
AZO technology provides the ultimate resistance to UV light for increased protection and reliability. This ensures high quality picture and sound and an archival lifetime of more than 100 years.

Customise your disc
Verbatim printable discs feature a printable surface designed for use with your inkjet printer. These discs allow you to print whatever you wish across the entire surface of the disc.

Product Details

  • Verbatim CD-R 80 white inkjet printable disc in standard jewel case
  • 700MB capacity - 52x write speed

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