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LTFS (Linear Tape File System) has made a a huge contribution to the use of LTO Ultrium tape in the data storage industry. As storage capacity and data transfer speeds have increased, LTFS has enabled new uses of LTO Ultrium tape to manage and archive file content.

The recent introduction of HPE LTO7 tape, with 15TB storage capacity and 750mb/sec transfer rates, makes LTFS even more useful in the management of files.

LTFS allows an LTO tape to appear as a storage device, with a straight forward graphical interface. Users can drag and drop files, in the same way as a hard drive or USB device. This provides fast and efficient access to data files, which is particularly beneficial for archive content.

There is a misconception that business must select either disk or tape-based systems depending on their storage and archive needs - but LTO tape combined with LTFS can provide huge savings in cost, time, energy and library space, compared with disk-systems alone.

PMD Magnetics and its partners in data management work hard to ensure a balanced offering of data storage, backup and archive products to achieve compliant, future-proofed data management solutions.


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