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Fuji LTO 7 Ultrium Data Tape with 15TB of data storage capacity per tape is now available.

With speeds of up to 750MB/second, the transfer rates on LTO 7 are impressively fast - more than double that of previous generations of LTO tapes.

Fuji LTO 7 tape media features Fujifilm’s proprietary Barium Ferrite (BaFe) tape coating technology, developed specifically for long-term archival storage. BaFe tape coating also enables massive enterprise-class storage capacities of up to 15TB per tape. This equates to 2.4 times the capacity of LTO 6 and 4 times the capacity of LTO-5.

LTO 7 Ultrium technology also utilises the free download of LTFS software for enhanced data storage benefits.

The use of LTO 7 Ultrium Data Tapes, with higher density storage, reduces warehouse and office storage needs and frees up valuable rackspace. This reduction of space will save the operator cost and expense in storing tapes for archive and back-up.

The faster technology of Fuji LTO 7 Ultrium enables faster back-up & recovery, dramatically reducing backup windows. Data transfer tasks will cease to be barriers, as they currently are with older generations of LTO.

LTO 7 Ultrium drives are backwards compatible for LTO 6 and LTO 5 read facility - and able to read and write LTO 6 Tapes.

PMD Magnetics will be pleased to discuss with you all aspects of data recording, processing, storage, backup & archive… and eventually the end-of-life Data Tape Destruction. Truly Cradle to Grave from PMD Magnetics.

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