mLogic mTape LTO6 Thunderbolt external tape drive

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PMD Magnetics have expanded its range of innovative data management and archive technology solutions to include mLogic’s mTape LTO6 Thunderbolt external tape drive.

The mLogic mTape is the world's first Thunderbolt enabled desktop external LTO6 tape drive. The drive has a compact form factor which sits neatly on your desktop and plugs directly into your MAC or PC via the high speed Thunderbolt2 interface, allowing data transfer speeds of up to 20gb/sec, using reliable and robust LTO6 data tape media.

The mLogic mTape has dual Thunderbolt ports to enable daisy-chaining and is plug-and-play so takes very little time to set up and start archiving your data. The drive is compatible with major data archiving software products and with LTFS technology, allowing simple drag and drop data management.

Using the drives with LTO6 tapes offers high capacity and reliable data management and archiving at low cost. Each tape provides up to 2.5TB of un-compressed data capacity and preserves your data backups for the long term, with a shelf life of over 30 years.

The mLogic mTape drive is available to order now from the PMD online catalogue.

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