Oracle StorageTek Tape Libraries with Non-Disruptive Scalability

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As a certified Oracle StorageTek Tape Library Specialist, PMD Magnetics offer a complete range of Oracle StorageTek data management solutions.

The Oracle StorageTek SL150 Modular Tape Library is the ideal backup and archive solution for a growing digital achive with seamless scalability, and low cost.

Featuring industry-leading LTO-7 Ultrium technology, the Oracle StorageTek SL150 offers massive storage density and data management, in a compact form factor.

Scale from an initial 30 slot base module to a maximum 300 slot in a standard rack. All major components are customer-installable and upgradable.

For larger data environments, the Oracle StorageTek SL3000 Modular Tape Library System delivers unprecedented value through reliability, consolidation and flexible scalability. It's the eco-friendly choice for your data protection, disaster recovery, archive, data management or cloud deployment needs.

The Oracle StorageTek SL3000 offers enterprise-class data management performance, utilising both LTO-7 Ultrium tape technology and StorageTek T10000 (T10K) enterprise tape.

With non-disruptive scalability and mixed media support, the Oracle StorageTek SL3000 provides the most flexible solution for managing and sharing data. Scale from 200 slots to 6000 slots in a single SL3000 tape system.

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